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We adjust to your budget

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We know that moving to València can be stressful, so you will have a personal advisor from our team available throughout the process to guide you.

In which area would you like to live?

We know that proximity to the workplace is one of the priorities of our customers, so we work to be present throughout the city. We will start our search in your area of preference.


Located right in the center, Ruzafa is the trendy neighborhood where you can find the best bars and restaurants, stores, cultural spaces and local markets. It is a cosmopolitan space where companies often rent apartments when they move temporarily to enjoy the variety of the area.
1.200€/month average price
Elegante piso en Ruzafa
Elegante piso en Ruzafa
2 hab., 2 camas y 1 baño
Cómodo apartamento en Ruzafa
Cómodo apartamento en Ruzafa
1 hab., 1 cama y 1 baño

El Carmen

The neighborhood of El Carmen is the authentic historical center of the city. Here you will find the main centers of culture and leisure. It is the perfect alternative to rent an apartment where you can enjoy the charm of its narrow streets, its particular bars and its lively nightlife.
800€/month average price
Piso acogedor en El Carmen
Piso acogedor en El Carmen
1 hab., 1 cama, 1 sofá cama y 1 baño
Piso rústico en El Carmen
Piso rústico en El Carmen
1 hab., 3 camas y 1 baño


La Malvarrosa is a neighborhood located by the sea where you can enjoy the best Valencian gastronomy, the coastal atmosphere, the sunlight, and outdoor sports. Workers come here every year to stay temporarily in their apartments just a few steps from the beach.
700€/month average price
Apartamento con vistas al mar
Apartamento con vistas al mar
2 hab., 3 camas, 2 sofás cama y 2 baños
Piso cerca de la playa
Piso cerca de la playa
2 hab., 3 camas y 1 baño
But we also look beyond the iconic neighborhoods. Tell us where you are looking and we will find the property where you need it.
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Is it really that simple?

We have been fortunate to work with companies of different sectors and sizes and with a large number of owners.

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With Homyspace we get invoices for stays

Since Homyspace has been managing the temporary accommodation for our employees, we have stopped having problems getting invoices for stays. We tell them what we need and they quickly send us the best options. This way we can dedicate our time to the rest of the travel arrangements.

IC Group

IC Group Travel Manager

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We're still with Homyspace

We met Homyspace almost three years ago. Since then, they have always found us the best solutions for housing the workers we move around Spain. We save a lot of time as they take care of everything and we only have to decide which accommodation we prefer.

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Obras YUGO Travel Manager

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Saving time and money

The service is great and very fast. We have reduced the cost and it has made it so much easier for us to contract the accommodation. Our employees are very happy with the properties and so are we. We found better and cheaper options.


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With Homyspace we get temporary accommodation for months at a time

The search for temporary rental is often complicated and stressful. We need to house our employees for months at a time, and no one was offering us a contract of less than a year. I appreciate that Homyspace takes care of all the paperwork and gives me confidence and security in choosing the apartment.


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Companies that work with Homyspace

Is it for me?

You've had a project in a town and can't find accommodation? You're moving for 4 months and can't get a contract for less than 12 months? You don't have time to look for properties? You're overwhelmed by the amount of apartments in big cities? You need a rent invoice for the property? You've had bad experiences and you want it to go well this time?

Then Homyspace is for you.

Both SMEs and large companies, in any sector, have the same problems when it comes to finding temporary accommodation. We have solved them for more than 14,000 in Spain.