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What do they think about Homyspace?

We've asked companies and property owners

We make life easier for many companies

We have been fortunate to work with companies of different sectors and sizes and with a large number of owners.

Logo IC

With Homyspace we get invoices for stays

Since Homyspace has been managing the temporary accommodation for our employees, we have stopped having problems getting invoices for stays. We tell them what we need and they quickly send us the best options. This way we can dedicate our time to the rest of the travel arrangements.

IC Group

IC Group Travel Manager

Logo Obras Yugo

We're still with Homyspace

We met Homyspace almost three years ago. Since then, they have always found us the best solutions for housing the workers we move around Spain. We save a lot of time as they take care of everything and we only have to decide which accommodation we prefer.

Obras YUGO

Obras YUGO Travel Manager

Logo Alcampo

You are doing a good job

In general, we clients usually say what we don't like, but in this case I want to congratulate you and encourage you to keep working like this because for us as clients, you are doing a good job. Congratulations and keep going!


Alcampo Travel Manager

Logo Obras Yugo

Efficient and fast

If I were to do the search on my own, I would waste a lot of time reviewing properties that don't have the features we need. Instead, with Homyspace I send an email and in a short time they send me 4 or 5 options that fit my needs that are cheaper and more comfortable than a hotel.

Obremo Servicios Integrales 360

Obremo Travel Manager


I would definitely recommend it

They were very flexible and quick in their responses and apartment search. They adapted the proposals completely to our needs. We finished the work ahead of schedule, they were very understanding and we reached an agreement right away. I would definitely recommend them.

MINTEC Ingeniería e Instalaciones

MINTEC Travel Manager

Logo Openbank

Saving time and money

The service is great and very fast. We have reduced the cost and it has made it so much easier for us to contract the accommodation. Our employees are very happy with the properties and so are we. We found better and cheaper options.


Openbank HR Department

Logo AIT

With Homyspace we get temporary accommodation for months at a time

The search for temporary rental is often complicated and stressful. We need to house our employees for months at a time, and no one was offering us a contract of less than a year. I appreciate that Homyspace takes care of all the paperwork and gives me confidence and security in choosing the apartment.


LedissonAIT Travel Manager

Logo Bertolín

Workers do not have to worry about finding housing

We are grateful for the service. It has helped us to take a load off the shoulders of the workers who spent many hours after work looking for a place to stay when we do construction work.


Bertolín Travel Manager

Logo New Agroinver

Fast processing, good treatment and savings in time and money

We needed a quick solution for our housing search and Homyspace gave it to us. The best thing is the speed of the search, the deal and the price. We saved a lot of time searching for housing for the workers we were temporarily relocating.

New Agroinver

New Agroinver Travel Manager

Logo AI Controller

You know what I'm looking for and you only offer me what fits me

You know what I appreciate the most is that you know what I am looking for and you only offer me what fits me. Next would be speed and friendliness.

AI Controller

AI Controller Travel Manager

What do our owners think?

Seasonal flexibility

Between the monthly rentals I get from Homyspace and the more holiday seasons, I get more profitability than expected and more than before, when I only dedicated my apartments to vacation rentals.


Owner from Madrid

Safe and trustworthy

The platform is very easy to use, the staff is very attentive and efficient, and the guest profile is perfect. It gives you security and confidence.


Owner from Zaragoza

Helpful and agile in procedures

I work with Homyspace because they help me with all the paperwork to be able to rent my apartment in a clear and agile way.


Owner from Madrid

Flexible and profitable

I have been working with Homyspace for several years, it is a platform that I use to monetize my second home. What I like the most is that I can choose the dates when I want to rent it.


Owner from Barcelona


Workers are safer than regular tenants and Homyspace only works with commuters.


Owner from Bilbao

Just what I need

The service Homyspace offers is just what I need. It gives me a lot of confidence to rent my home to companies and have it rented for most of the year.


Owner from Málaga

Customized offers

Homyspace allows me to adapt my offer to each client, both in price and services. This makes me much more competitive and helps me to increase my bookings.


Owner from Toledo

Phenomenal management

The management has been phenomenal at all times, I can not complain about the company, very attentive and efficient. The first satisfactory experience.


Owner from Sevilla

Respectful tenants

They are very respectful tenants who go to work and use the estancia mainly to sleep and hardly make use of the facilities.


Owner from Barcelona

More profitable

Thanks to Homyspace I have become more profitable, they always have customers who need to stay.


Owner from Madrid

Very professional

It gives me a lot of security that the tenants are companies, we have hosted workers from different sectors and they have always been very professional.


Owner from Valencia