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We know that making the decision of how, when and to whom to rent your apartment can be complicated. That's why we want to offer you the possibility of our team of providers to guide you in this decision.

What companies do we host?

Solvent and benchmark companies in their sector

What do our owners think?

Seasonal flexibility

Between the monthly rentals I get from Homyspace and the more holiday seasons, I get more profitability than expected and more than before, when I only dedicated my apartments to vacation rentals.


Owner from Madrid

Just what I need

The service Homyspace offers is just what I need. It gives me a lot of confidence to rent my home to companies and have it rented for most of the year.


Owner from Málaga

Customized offers

Homyspace allows me to adapt my offer to each client, both in price and services. This makes me much more competitive and helps me to increase my bookings.


Owner from Toledo

Any questions?

These are usually the most common

Why should I choose mid- to long-term rentals with Homyspace?
The half-stay rental is the perfect solution to obtain profitability from your properties with security and flexibility.

Stays range from 15 days to a year, so you can have your apartment at your disposal whenever you need it. It is a modality that will help you to obtain income in a constant way without depending on the high seasons and without the complications of the vacation rental. You will have control of your home at all times and you can choose when, how and to whom to rent it.

Unlike long term rentals, this type of rental will provide you with greater benefits and you can decide to terminate the contract with more agility in case the tenants do not comply with the agreed rules.

On the other hand, you won't have to worry about rental restrictions linked to vacation rentals and it will provide you with greater security both in your home and in your community.
Why is it better to rent to workers with Homyspace?
The tenants who use these services are companies or professional workers who for a season have to move to carry out a project to another city, they spend a lot of time away from the property so you will receive it carefully and at the agreed time.

Behind them there is always a company that responds, which implies lower risks of non-payment or irregular occupation of long duration.

With this type of tenants not only avoids the high turnover and the high cost of maintenance of the tourist rental, but the customer pays well and on time.
Is it free to publish my properties on Homyspace?
Publishing your properties to Homyspace has no cost, it is 100% FREE,

Homyspace only charges a commission on the total stay once the client pays for the reservation.
Can I publish on other platforms besides Homyspace?
Of course, Homyspace does not work exclusively with the owners.

In case you have the properties uploaded to another platform, tell our managers and we will surely be able to do something.
Are the tenants on Homyspace reliable?
Of course, unlike other rentals, our tenants always have a company behind them that supports the payment, so they do not usually cause any problems in this regard.
Is Homyspace for me?
We know that you are worried about non-payments, that tenants sublease your property and lose control, that they do not treat it as if it were their own, that they have problems of coexistence with the community, that they carry out annoying activities and even that more people stay than the ones you expect a priori (and they have paid).

But we also know that you want to make the property you have profitable and choosing the perfect tenant is difficult and generates concerns.

If you want to save them, then Homyspace is for you.

Our tenants go to work, to have your house as a place of tranquility and rest, they will not be able to sublet and you will always know what are. In addition, Homyspace will be with you throughout the process to help you at any time

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