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Front End Senior Software Engineer

Publicado en 21 noviembre, 2018 por Flor Julián

Do you want to join Homyspace?

What is Homyspace?

Homyspace is a startup founded in Valencia, on its way to going global. We provide a mid-term accommodation platform for companies’ posted workers in the main Spanish cities.

We are living an exciting journey: in addition to solving a problem for many companies, Homyspace is scaling and we are facing exceptional challenges at this stage.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a Front End Senior Software Engineer with a good UX / UI taste to help us create maintainable and reusable code.

Our engineering culture guides us to develop clean and pragmatic code, always supported with tests on top of creating exceptional and innovative products.

Required technical skills:

• JavaScript, React + Redux, Webpack

• Good foundations with software design and design patterns

• Experience with HTML5, CSS3, SaaS, AJAX, RESTful APIs

• Unit testing code and mocking

Desired technical skills (the more the better):

• In-depth knowledge of TDD and BDD techniques

• Although we are looking for a frontend specialist, we work in a full stack way, so not being afraid of backend coding is necessary

Personal skills:

• Focus to find the solution

• Define what DONE looks like

• Learn to learn

• Seek out fulfilling challenges

Programming principles:

• Use your brain

• Keep it simple



• Avoid Premature Optimization

• Boy-Scout Rule

• Code For The Maintainer

• Do The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work

Working with others:

• Work well in a team

• Working with QA and Product

• Understand accountability

• Manifestos, rules, tribal knowledge

• Communicate clearly in written and verbal form

What is in for you?

• We encourage teamwork: there is no individual competition, the objectives are common and we all paddle together. We firmly believe that a good team is key to success.

• Work in a real agile environment. We believe in the agile manifesto and we apply it in our day to day and in the decisions we make.

• Work guided by objectives. We believe in the responsibility of our people, we want you to comply with the objectives, not a schedule.

• Participate in a project with a leading technological environment, in which the limit we will define ourselves.

• Continuous feedback: we look for honest people, we give and seek feedback with honesty, whichever the role is.

• The possibility of growth within the company. We are in continuous growth, and this is a good time to continue building the road together.

• Both the Lab team and the company itself are under construction and we have the real possibility and obligation to contribute to defining the type of team and company we want to be. Model the values ​​by which we are ruled, the way of working, the methodology. You have a voice and a vote, we are all in the same boat.

We are waiting for you! Send your CV to:


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